Gastronomic Route
of the sea in La Palma

The island has a rich and assorted gastronomic offer. Thanks to its location in the Atlantic Ocean and its cristaline waters, we can find a wide biological diversity and enjoy the natural resources that have made it famous. The traditional fishing activity and the many establishments where the products can be tasted, provide a special taste to the gastronomic offer. La Palma is the perfect place to discover the flavours of the ocean.

To understand its people, its history and its natural environment, it is essential to know the link with the seafaring tradition of this territory. We propose some of the most interesting places to visit on the Island. Its promenades and fishing ports give us the opportunity to discover its treasures, without forgetting to visit places as unique as the salt flats or natural pools. In addition, it is essential to go to its restaurants and bars, where they have a menu of dishes specialized in seafood.

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