Discover La Palma

Coast and sea

Places of cultural interest

Importance of the salt mines of La Palma.

Embarcadero Talavera

Wharves and ports

For a long time it was the port of entry and exit for the products of La Palma.

Puerto de Tazacorte


The relationship between the Canarians and the sea began more than 2,000 years ago, when the first settlers of the archipelago arrived in the Canary Islands.

Mirador Las Salinas, Tijarafe


La Palma has a wide network of viewpoints from which you can admire the sea and, on occasions, enjoy the island’s fishing tradition.


Along its 118 kilometres of coastline, La Palma surprises with its unspoilt landscapes, impressive cliffs, charming fishing ports, beautiful black sand beaches and the new “fajanas” (lava strips) recently created by the volcanic eruption.

Reserva Marina

Marine Reserve

The Marine Reserve of La Palma is a spectacular example of the natural ecosystems of the Canarian seacoast. It shelters a multitude of species of high biological interest, and discovering its seabed is a unique experience.

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